MG ADVANCE: A Fusion of Artistic Vision and Technological Expertise

MG Advance stands as a unique testament to the power of combining artistic creativity with technological and financial acumen, a vision brought to life by its founders, Gloria and Mitch Cherny.

Gloria Cherny, with her deep roots in design and the arts, brought an essential element of creative innovation to MG Advance. Her artistic sensibility and innovative mindset have been pivotal in shaping the firm’s approach to branding and strategy. Gloria’s expertise lies in understanding the emotional and aesthetic aspects of business, enabling MG Advance to offer services that go beyond traditional consulting, encompassing the realms of full-service branding, creative design, and innovative marketing strategies. Her ability to see the world through a creative lens and apply that vision to business challenges makes MG Advance’s offerings uniquely holistic and impactful.

Gloria Cherny

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Mitch Cherny complements Gloria’s creative prowess with his profound expertise in technology and finance. His background in these areas has been instrumental in establishing MG Advance as a leader in integrating cutting-edge technological solutions with sound financial strategies. Mitch’s insight into the rapidly evolving digital landscape, combined with his financial acumen, allows MG Advance to offer comprehensive, tech-forward business solutions. From financial modeling and data analytics to digital transformation and cybersecurity, Mitch’s expertise ensures that MG Advance’s clients are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern business world.

Mitchell Cherny

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